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6s Entropy race pack 120C 6800mAh

AMPBA race legal at 914grams. 160x60x45mm road freight only Photo to come
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These directions are 'common sense' for lipo use →New Entropy Lithium Polymer batteries need two charge & medium use cycles before hard use. That said, this 'first use' policy should be applied to all high discharge Lipo packs. → Fully balance charge your new pack(s) at <5Amps, run your craft at <80% throttle for 1 minute, return, rest the pack, recharge and repeat. This 'proves / cures / sets / makes-ready ' the LiPo substrate for hard use. → Charge rate of 5C with Entropy is possible after above procedure is completed The following applies at all times ..... → Let packs rest 30+ minutes between use/charge cycles. → Do not charge packs when >40'c (thermal over run may occur ) → Do not charge packs when <15'c (low temp will not permit full charge into substrate ) → Do not charge swollen or punctured packs → Do not charge wet packs → Always balance charge +/- 0.01v/cell → If cell voltages are large differences, check the balance plug for damage / corrosion.. 99% that’s the flaw. → NEVER charge unattended .. always remain within sight of charging lipos .. fires have been caused by faulty chargers/abused lipos when on charge. → Optimal temp of packs before use is 25→35'c → Storage: balance to 3.85Vcell ... keep in a cool, dry & safe place away from flammables, animals and wide variations in temp. Optimal temp is 20’c →Discharge below 3.0V will damage the cells. ENTROPY come with Limited Warranty DOA(unused): 14 days .. Manufacture faults: 3 months Warranty available to original purchaser only. Covers manufacturer defect / assembly / cell failure only.. Misuse, abuse or user error are not covered… The polymer will display a pigment change when overheated .. beyond 55’c is considered thermal overload and pigment coloration changes to show this abuse. DO NOT POST DAMAGED PACKS ! Photographic support for any claim must be submitted to aid consideration. .. Disposal of lipo batteries .. submerge in salted water for 48 hours .. then remove any plugs and dispose at a recycling facility for batteries. Lithium is a finite resource .. recycling is smart ! Entropy. Efficiency in equilibrium with thermal stability.
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